The Parish of St James

The Choir of St James' makes up an important part of the worship within the Parish of St James, King Street, and has done so for nearly 200 years.



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St James' has a unique place in the life of the Anglican Church through its various ministries to the people of the City of Sydney, the state of NSW, and the wider Anglican church.

Completed in 1824 as part of the major construction programme initiated by Governor Lachlan Macquarie, St James' is now the oldest existing church building in Sydney. It has been the setting of many historic events including the enthronement of the first, and only, Bishop of Australia, William Grant Broughton.

St James' has also been a place of ministry to a diversity of people ranging from the Governor, military personnel and convicts from its beginnings to the great array of people who work and live in the city today, and those who come from the wider metropolitan area for Sunday worship.

The building itself exercises its own ministry as a place of peace and refuge. It is open each day for prayer and reflection and is used regularly for cultural events, especially through the church's music programme. The church is also a place of hospitality and gathering for people from across Sydney and further afield. At refreshments on Sundays, and at the Coffee Cart in Queen's Square during the week, people gather for conversation and fellowship.

Today the Parish has a vital ministry to those who work in its environs, especially to the Law Courts, Parliament and government departments, Sydney Hospital, and the many corporate offices and shops.

St James' Parish seeks to reach out to the people of Sydney through its mission to the city including its worship, welfare support to the homeless and needy, pastoral care, spirituality and educational programmes. It is an open and inclusive Christian community of faith that exists to live out and share the good news of Christ through its daily life.

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